“If one day in Paradise is worth a lifetime of dreams…
how much is living in Paradise worth?”

To me, living on Maui has a value of life that can not be experienced anywhere else on earth. I hear every day, that Hawaii has the best climate in the world. I agree, only I take it a few steps further. Maui has the best climate of any of the islands and where I live, in Hana, it is the best climate on Maui. So that means that Hana has the best weather in the world. Hana and surrounding areas are my specialty.

I have lived in Hana for the best part of 43 years. Hana is known as “The last Hawaiian place” and it is coming into its own. Just about everyone that comes here, falls in love with this special place. Hana is home to many famous people who are comfortable in the knowledge that no one will bother them. There are no Paparazzi and there has never been a brush fire.

Hana offers clean air, starry nights, waterfalls, always quiet and serene, great beaches, beautiful hiking trails, coconut palms swaying in the wind, no traffic lights and an easy way of life. Look in one direction and view the Pacific Ocean, turn around and gaze at Haleakala. The House of the Sun is the tallest mountain in the world, starting from it base. If this is what you think of as Hawaii, then you must come to Hana.

I formed Whale Song Realty, Inc. along with my darling wife, Shone, in 2002. Shone is our President and I could not have a better boss. Of course, I run the company as the Principal Broker.

I have been licensed since 1987 and a broker since 1992. I started with Century 21 in Kihei and remain friends with all the folks I worked with back then. The real estate industry is full of good people. We care about our communities and do much good service locally. The National Association of Realtors has the largest membership in the country.

Living on Maui these past 43 years, most of this time spent in Hana, I have lived almost everywhere on the island, giving me first hand knowledge of the best places to live.

Our company goal is to help Sellers and Buyers have the best real estate experience possible. Fulfilling their dreams and needs, is my pleasure.

“What sells on Maui, stays on Maui”
Froyam Edel